Dave the Professional

If you’re here for a portfolio, have a look here:

Dave Sowden – Writing Portfolio

If you’re here to read about how amazing I am, read on!

As an aspiring writer, blogger and photographer, this is an ideal place to show off my talents.

If you are reading this page, I have directed you here so you can see some samples of the wide range of skills that I possess.

You are looking for someone who:

  • Is digitally savvy and actively participates in wide variety of social media activities
  • Understands popular social networks
  • Has an affinity and passion for technology
  • Possesses excellent writing skills
  • Has superior communication skills
  • You need someone who pays attention to detail
  • Someone who is a self-starter

Apart from being ALL of the things above, and apart from all the usual CV and cover letter blurb, there are various other reasons why I am the best possible candidate:

  • I can sing like Frank Sinatra and Johnny Cash.
  • I’m pretty good at the different South African accents.
  • I bar-tendered in my varsity days. Some say Barry Hilton was inspired by me in the Savannah adverts.
  • I enjoy thinking! (And thinking leads to creativity. Don’t believe me? Picture an old shoe… OK now think about it. Is it in a box or left on the side of the road? Maybe its in the box, on the side of the road, but attached to an old lady. Is it a stiletto, or a lace up school shoe? You see what I mean?)
  • For thinking to be effective, you need to be good at ideating, which I am. (Yes, that’s a real word, Google it)

Being an 80’s baby, and growing up with a cell phone attached to my ear, a tablet in my hand and a laptop in my bag, I am part of the connected generation. Social Media is where I get my daily feed of information, not only whats going on in my friends lives but also in the world around me. I am honing my Social Media skills to be able to use this to my full potential.

With a creative streak driving my natural writing flair, and my passion for the digital arena I am seeking to use these abilities to their full potential. I’m hoping that after you have had a look around, you will want to exploit my abilities too.

Now for the serious bit:

I am adaptable to any organisation where I will be able to develop a professional career that builds upon my creative strengths and my interest in communication and human relations. I offer a passion for writing and the digital industry. I provide the capability of dealing with clients directly and I am not afraid to make decisions. I am a young, creative and fast learning individual, who is willing to work hard, whilst conducting myself professionally in a reliable manner.

I would like to develop my career through gaining experience and learning valuable skills in my chosen profession. I am able to think laterally, enabling myself to find creative and effective solutions to problems. I am a motivated, dynamic and energetic individual, who is eager to apply my knowledge and gain further skills. I work well under pressure, and I have the ability to remain positive in stressful situations.

As a dynamic and progressive thinker, I offer a focused approach to any challenge. I am capable of working with deadlines, without supervision and I am quick in grasping new ideas. I exercise good judgment in making decisions through my strong communication and interpersonal skills. I believe that a challenging job not only benefits the organization, but it also leads to job satisfaction, and I offer the confidence to excel in completing my responsibilities, regardless of the obstacles or time involved. I enjoy being part of a team’s success, and I always ensure that I am as obliging and supportive as possible.

I would like to utilise my experience and knowledge to the benefit of your organisation. I trust that you will give my application your serious consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

All the words on this website are my own.
All the photographs in the headers are my own too.