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Oh no! Its Halloween!

Halloween, a term synonymous with a great sacrifice on the humble pumpkins behalf, of costumes both silly and scary, and of merriment… The day is also known for feeding strange children sweets, not… Continue reading

England is full of SMI’s…

Having driven the length of England on this trip, from London to Liverpool, and then toured around London and the countryside with the rental car for a few days when we returned from… Continue reading

I Fly Cattle Class on Kak Airways… How bout you?

Why is it that airlines treat anyone who didn’t pay a million Rand for their ticket like cattle… I’m incredibly grateful to be on holiday in the UK. I just wish there was… Continue reading

I F#@%!NG Hate Queues! And Julius Hates God…

I would rather poke a turd with a stick than stand in a queue… Nobody in history has ever said “this queue is awesome! I hope it doesn’t move quickly, because I want… Continue reading

JZ’s Spear Causing a Fuss (again)

Let me hazard a guess as to what the outcome of the court action against the Goodman Gallery and City Press will be… But first, lets get everyone else’s opinion on the picture.… Continue reading

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