Hirsch’s is Vomiting in My Ear

As my dear friend and ex Domestic worker Elizabeth (not so much a friend since the CCMA case, but that’s a story for another day) would exclaim “oooooooo Jehovaaah!”, I am starting to resent my radio.… Continue reading

The ANC and FNB Can Learn From This

Like Julius Caesar once said, Friends! Romans! Countrymen! Lend me your ears. Except he never said that (Mark Anthony said it. In the opening line of the play Julius Caesar. By William Shakespeare. Here’s… Continue reading

The Christian Motherhood Are Wrong… Gaga is in Fact a Humourist!

OHHH MMMMMMY GOOOOOD! Gaga landed at Lanseria airport last night. As I work barely more than a hop, a skip and a jump from there, I thought it might be fun to go… Continue reading

The Big Bang… How Stupid People were created…

OK! White people. Answer this question for me. Who is Guy Fawkes? The guy who you light fireworks for you say? Close! But not quite. Why do you light fireworks? What did he… Continue reading

Am I F#ck!ng Stupid? Did I Miss Something?

What happened? When did South Africa lose its collective mind? Is it only me that didn’t get the memo? AM I STUPID? To straighten things out here, please correct me if I’m wrong.… Continue reading

The 7 Commandments of ANCism

I asked Elizabeth what she thinks of the current state of affairs in South Africa at present. She stunned me with her answer. This is what she said. Verbatim. “Orwell”. Stunned, I just shook my head.… Continue reading

Where is Papa J?

Your name is Helen Keller if you aren’t aware of all the upheaval and unrest currently rocking South Africa because of the strikes. Its on every radio station and every news report. It’s everywhere! It… Continue reading

OK! It’s time for the chat… Apartheid Happened!

Apartheid happened… I’m a white, English speaking South Africa, born in 1985. I had nothing to do with the construction of Apartheid nor its perpetuation. I’m sorry I was born white. That’s biology… Continue reading

England is full of SMI’s…

Having driven the length of England on this trip, from London to Liverpool, and then toured around London and the countryside with the rental car for a few days when we returned from… Continue reading

I Fly Cattle Class on Kak Airways… How bout you?

Why is it that airlines treat anyone who didn’t pay a million Rand for their ticket like cattle… I’m incredibly grateful to be on holiday in the UK. I just wish there was… Continue reading

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