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My 67 Minutes for Madiba’s Birthday

I’m writing this slowly to ensure that it takes me at least 67 minutes. This should be considered as community service, as I am helping you, my community, to do something other than… Continue reading

The Fuss Over JZ’s Spear Continues

You know that moment when you realise you have pulled the pin on a grenade and thrown it, and then realised afterwards that you have thrown the pin at your enemies, and that… Continue reading

JZ’s Spear Causing a Fuss (again)

Let me hazard a guess as to what the outcome of the court action against the Goodman Gallery and City Press will be… But first, lets get everyone else’s opinion on the picture.… Continue reading

Annoying Recruitment (Pty) Ltd.

Has anyone else noticed the sudden increase in the amount of blind beggars at the traffic ligths? Is this the case in all the provinces or just Johannesburg? I think I know how… Continue reading

How Much Zulu Do You Have in You?

Today I was told my understanding of the Zulu culture is “pathitic”. Not knowing what pathitic means, I assumed it means incredible, or remarkable. This same person told me I should spend some… Continue reading

Even I Cause People to Face Palm Sometimes

You know those moments when someone says or does something that causes your shoulders to drop, for you to place your face in your palm, and just shake your head, because you can’t… Continue reading

I Should Explain…

Some of my blog posts are rants more than ramblings. Hidden inside of me is a satirical political sniper. I like the idea of being able to cut someone down to size with… Continue reading

Elizabeth’s Thought of the Day

I have learnt a lot from my domestic worker, Elizabeth. I would imagine that should she not like ironing so much, she could run this country. She comes up with some pearls of… Continue reading

Because It’s My Culture

Being a Zulu seems to have some perks that being male and pale I don’t benefit from. If I were a Zulu, I could marry every woman I saw, and make them sit… Continue reading

The Sbu 500

Every now and again I’m offered lavish gifts for the services I render to the fair people of this fine country. When I say every now and again I mean at least once… Continue reading

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