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A Simple Solution to South Africa’s Corrupt Police Problem

Open any newspaper or online news source and you are bound to see at least a dozen stories about corrupt police officials in South Africa. The situation has reached a point where its common… Continue reading

VAGINA! There! I said it!

Some women want a walk-in closet. For one aspiring artist, all she wanted is a walk-in vagina! I was invited to the opening night of a new art installation in August, at the… Continue reading

The Economics of Striking

Even though I might be flying dangerously close to the sun, I want to broach the topic of what an absolute waste of time, money and energy striking is. Just once more. If… Continue reading

If Ignorance is the Starting Point, Where To From Here?

A number of people have given their thoughts on Mfeka’s diatribe in last weekends newspaper. These are people that matter, people with followers, people that other people listen to. And most of these… Continue reading

It Seems Ignorance is the Order of the Day

So I read a very badly written, bigoted article on City Press Online, by a young upstart looking to stir the shit pot… His article, here, I believe was supposed to be a… Continue reading

Hirsch’s is Vomiting in My Ear

As my dear friend and ex Domestic worker Elizabeth (not so much a friend since the CCMA case, but that’s a story for another day) would exclaim “oooooooo Jehovaaah!”, I am starting to resent my radio.… Continue reading

The Big Bang… How Stupid People were created…

OK! White people. Answer this question for me. Who is Guy Fawkes? The guy who you light fireworks for you say? Close! But not quite. Why do you light fireworks? What did he… Continue reading

Am I F#ck!ng Stupid? Did I Miss Something?

What happened? When did South Africa lose its collective mind? Is it only me that didn’t get the memo? AM I STUPID? To straighten things out here, please correct me if I’m wrong.… Continue reading

OK! It’s time for the chat… Apartheid Happened!

Apartheid happened… I’m a white, English speaking South Africa, born in 1985. I had nothing to do with the construction of Apartheid nor its perpetuation. I’m sorry I was born white. That’s biology… Continue reading

I Fly Cattle Class on Kak Airways… How bout you?

Why is it that airlines treat anyone who didn’t pay a million Rand for their ticket like cattle… I’m incredibly grateful to be on holiday in the UK. I just wish there was… Continue reading

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