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A Simple Solution to South Africa’s Corrupt Police Problem

Open any newspaper or online news source and you are bound to see at least a dozen stories about corrupt police officials in South Africa. The situation has reached a point where its common… Continue reading

The Economics of Striking

Even though I might be flying dangerously close to the sun, I want to broach the topic of what an absolute waste of time, money and energy striking is. Just once more. If… Continue reading

We’ve Spoken About Striking Before, But I Think You Missed My Point

Lets pretend just for a second you are a cattle farmer. Every year you know you need to sell a specific amount of cattle to break even. 30 cows to cover the food… Continue reading

Why Are You Still Pretending JZ? Nkandlagate happened!

Right now, I am not smiling like J-Sizzle in the picture. I have my angry-writer face on. Let me explain why. A while back I was going to have a rant about this… Continue reading

The ANC and FNB Can Learn From This

Like Julius Caesar once said, Friends! Romans! Countrymen! Lend me your ears. Except he never said that (Mark Anthony said it. In the opening line of the play Julius Caesar. By William Shakespeare. Here’s… Continue reading

Am I F#ck!ng Stupid? Did I Miss Something?

What happened? When did South Africa lose its collective mind? Is it only me that didn’t get the memo? AM I STUPID? To straighten things out here, please correct me if I’m wrong.… Continue reading

The 7 Commandments of ANCism

I asked Elizabeth what she thinks of the current state of affairs in South Africa at present. She stunned me with her answer. This is what she said. Verbatim. “Orwell”. Stunned, I just shook my head.… Continue reading

Where is Papa J?

Your name is Helen Keller if you aren’t aware of all the upheaval and unrest currently rocking South Africa because of the strikes. Its on every radio station and every news report. It’s everywhere! It… Continue reading

I F#@%!NG Hate Queues! And Julius Hates God…

I would rather poke a turd with a stick than stand in a queue… Nobody in history has ever said “this queue is awesome! I hope it doesn’t move quickly, because I want… Continue reading

You Are Not Just “A Racist Too”… You Are Also Stupid!

To understand this blog post, you might want to read these two articles (here and here), which appeared on, the opinion section of Everything here is user generated, and therefore mostly… Continue reading

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