The Mad Fat Man’s Bio

This isn’t a picture of me. He looks like he is having a good time though

9 Flavourful Facts About Me

  1. My name is Dave.
  2. I used to be fat. 135kg of lumbering fat man. I am now medium-sized, whittling my way down to slender.
  3. I enjoy ideating. (Yes, that’s a real word, Google it).
  4. I Google EVERYTHING. I hate not understanding something, and with the internet at my fingertips, I am but a click away from a wealth of info.
  5. I am a white, liberal, atheist, South African, trying to live my life without labels.
  6. I write for a living. More info on that here.
  7. If I don’t indulge in something creative every now and then, I can a little bonkers.
  8. One day, when I’m big, I’ll have my own magazine, and will publish a bunch of books.
  9. I love to laugh, and to make others laugh.

I grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa, in a little town called Alberton, on the outskirts of the CBD. I went to school in Pretoria, before going on a gap year to Bristol, England. Following that, I partied studied at Stellenbosch University, and then moved back to Joburg to pursue my dream of being a hamster in a wheel (this part is bullshit).

Having a curious mind, I’d often ask “why” about everything. It drives my mother mad. Why must I do that? Why mustn’t I pick my nose? Why are you doing that? Why do you get to make the rules? Why must I follow the rules you make? This is something I do to this day. I firmly believe that EVERYTHING should be questioned, and nothing should be accepted at face value.

This blog serves a few purposes. It is somewhere I can write. As the writing I do for work is very structured and in response to whatever writing brief I have been given, I don’t often get the opportunity to just let my mind say what it wants. So that is what I come here to do (or at least I should). This is also a space for me to showcase my writing abilities. Anyone who can read, can write. However, there are some of us who enjoy doing it so much that we’ve become good at it. When someone is interested in hiring me to write, and asks for samples of my creative stuff, I send them here.

That’s all for now…