It Seems Ignorance is the Order of the Day

Hippo - CrocodileSo I read a very badly written, bigoted article on City Press Online, by a young upstart looking to stir the shit pot… His article, here, I believe was supposed to be a well placed punch below the belt. However, I don’t think I am alone in thinking that he missed.

Mfeka apparently slept through the change to a nonracial democracy ushered in by the historical regime change of 1994. The South Africa that most South Africans are trying to build does not start from a prejudiced base. The idea is for ALL of us to be put on an equal rung, so that we can ALL climb the ladder to our own full potential without some people having a legacy ball-and-chain disadvantage caused by apartheid.

I say try, because just like it took years for apartheid to reach its peak, it will take some time for these inequalities to be rectified (you know my thoughts on this process too). We have to allow the process to work. I’ve said this before, as have plenty of other people.

There isn’t much I can say that wasn’t well covered by Kay Sexwale’s superb rebuttal to Mfeka’s drivel, please read it here. In one swift flick of the proverbial pen, she not only dismisses his kak article, but also pulls the real issue back into focus here. We as South African’s were all united in our outrage at the Gupta’s sense of entitlement, and that people like Mfeka and the Gupta’s are a threat to our burgeoning nonracial democracy.

They are a family of people who name-drop to get what they want. They have greased the right palms and cosied up to the correct people to make a name for themselves and build an illustrious business on the back of that. They decided to land their chartered plane at Waterkloof Air Force Base, and they used whatever political sway they had to achieve that objective. At the end of the day, they are just a wealthy name-dropping family like many others in South Africa. This isn’t specific to their race.

Kay Sekwale points out that Mfeka says all Indians should be sent back to India because of the Gupta’s shameful name dropping, yet he fictitiously claims to know almost every political, social and economical influential person IN THE WORLD on his “who’s who” profile. She knows it’s fictitious because she really does know some of these people, and when she asked them, they said that they don’t know him…Where should we send Mfeka then?

People who share Mfeka’s mindset will always hold South Africa back… Again, this is not the first time I’m saying it. This idea that South Africa isn’t prospering is Apartheid’s fault doesn’t wash anymore. We need to pull together, to help our country over each of the hurdles it faces. Unfortunately, when people break away and stop helping and instead work to raise the height of the hurdles (I’m looking at you striking workers) it makes the task of carrying South Africa that much more difficult. Its no wonder that the R/$ exchange rate has fallen through its own asshole, he wants to invest in a country that seems to be tearing itself apart.

Lets quickly recap what happens in this situation. There is a pile of money, to be shared by  100 people. Each gets there share, and there is nothing left. Then the people decide they would like more of that money. They unreasonably ask for more of that pile, and when they don’t get what they want, they throw tantrums/go on strike. This causes the pile of money to get smaller, while the demand for a share in the money increases. Ultimately, someone has to lose.

Mfeka, being fueled by hate is a good thing. But you need to hate poverty, you need to hate inequality, you need to hate corruption, you need to hate the things that are real hurdles for South Africa, rather than hating people… Hating people is like hating the smell of your own fart, you can hate the smell as much as you like, but it doesn’t stop the smell. Rather focus that energy on making things better for EVERYONE! As Kay highlighted, the preamble to the freedom charter says: South Africa belongs to all who live in it and no government can justly claim authority unless it is based on the will of all the people. EVERY South African deserves their place here, and this country can only return to a system where someone else gets to decide who stays where (as you would like, it appears),  unless EVERYONE agrees to that. I don’t think anyone would like that.

I believe you are on your own…

PS. For the none Zulu’s, Akukho zinyane lemvubu ladliwa yingwenya kwacweba isiziba means: There was never a hippo that was eaten by a crocodile in secret. The idiom relates to the idea that whatever happens in the shadows will eventually come to light… Now you know!