We’ve Spoken About Striking Before, But I Think You Missed My Point

Your Grass vs Greener GrassLets pretend just for a second you are a cattle farmer.

Every year you know you need to sell a specific amount of cattle to break even. 30 cows to cover the food and medicine. Another 20 cows for salaries. 50 cows to trade for new cattle  (fresh blood to keep your stock strong). 100 cows to pay salaries. You get my point.

So, every year you feed your cattle, and you give them medicine, you brand them so that they can’t go missing (read as stolen) etc. You as the farmer know exactly what is needed to not only break even but make a profit.

If the cows don’t give birth to new cows each year, your herds will not grow. You need your herds to grow to make more money. You need more money to pay increasing costs of having more cattle. Its a vicious circle.

Now that you are a well educated and well equipped farmer, can you explain to me what happens if all your cows decide they don’t like being cows, as they have heard that walruses have a much better deal. So they decide that either you give them the same deal as the walruses or they are not going to carry on doing cattley things? What happens to your cattle business?

Yes! You are right! Your business will soon look worse than the undies of a man caught in a horny horse’s paddock.

Right! Now that you have got the concept lets look at the same story from a different angle. You are in fact a cow. So am I. And so is everyone else (we will get to the walruses in a moment). South African business is the cattle farm, trading cattle for profits to grow the economy. You still with me?

The walruses are different to you and I. They are huge. They have big tusks. They swim and they walk funny. They get milkshakes to drink, and they are fed only virgin fish (because you can taste the innocence). They are not forced to live in a kraal, but rather have open access to the ocean. There are numerous reasons for this but that’s not important right now. All you need to know is that they live a different life to you, and as such the grass is greener on their side…

So you decide that unless you get open access to the ocean, get to eat sushi, and get to drink milkshakes, you aren’t going to carry on cow-ing… At the very least you want two of the three perks. But you draw up a list of demands which includes: regular massages, at least one trip to Europe a year, 1 less pint of milk milked a week, and shares in the farm. AND! You stop doing your cow duties with IMMEDIATE effect.

What happens to South African business? They can’t afford all your demands, and while you don’t cow, they lose money, making it even more difficult for them to afford even your simplest demands. So they capitulate to the farthest degree that they can afford. They offer you fish flavoured milkshakes and reason that you don’t swim so why do you need access to the ocean. But because you know that the walruses got what they want by sticking to their guns, you decide to reject the offer.

What you don’t understand is that the longer you strike for, and the more strikes there are, the more difficult it is for the economy to handle the loss of production, resulting in a loss in revenue. You and all the other cows from the mining farm, or the bus drivers farm, or the education farm, each of you demands more from South Africa, while offering less while you demand it. So basically, every time there is a strike, South Africa takes a knock. Lets not even talk about the farms that will never be started, because the foreigners don’t think investing in an unstable country is a good idea.

So, if you Mr or Mrs Cow feel your deal is kak compared to everyone else, then you have a few options which won’t cost the rest of the country.

Firstly, if you can be a walrus, then become a walrus. For most cows, being a walrus would be rather difficult, as they aren’t properly equipped with whats needed to do the things that walruses do. But maybe you are special, and you have learnt how to do the things that walruses do. If so, then you should benefit from the walruses deal.

Secondly, if you have to be a cow, then don’t demand what the walruses have. Demand something reasonable, take 1 DAY off to march to the farmhouse to hand over your REASONABLE demands, and then go back to work. The farm should be able to meet your reasonable request, without suffering any losses, so everyone will be happy.

Your other option is to quit. I don’t mean quit being a cow, I mean quit life. You aren’t blessed with many talents  except being a cow, yet you won’t be reasonable enough to make demands suitable for cows. Nobody wins in this situation, the farmer can’t afford your demands, and neither can the country. For every day that you hold on to your stupid demands, the chances of you getting any of them get less… There are PLENTY of unemployed chickens looking to take up your spot as a cow. So get out of the way. Stop wasting air.

Striking is a great social tool to get what you want, don’t get me wrong. But I have a problem with striking when its starts to cost the country. Too much time and money is wasted on week long strikes, because more often than not the workers demands are ridiculous.

So there you have it! Be a cow, or be a walrus (or whatever you are good at), work hard and make something of your life for YOURSELF