Why Are You Still Pretending JZ? Nkandlagate happened!

Jacob+Zuma+at+NkandlaRight now, I am not smiling like J-Sizzle in the picture. I have my angry-writer face on. Let me explain why.

A while back I was going to have a rant about this whole Nkandla thing, but binned it in favour of the “The 7 Commandments of ANCism” post instead. I can’t remember why, but I’m sure I had a good reason.

The fact that the Nkandlagate spectacle continues astounds me. You must remember the reason that public funds had to be used for this upgrade was because a security audit was done, and a “to do list” of upgrades for the Presidents homestead to be made safe for Jeezy was then handed over to Minsiter of Public Works Thulas Nxesi. They followed the list and Hey! PRESTO! They spent R260 million. These were just the necessities,  the very basics as far as security goes, that are needed to make the place secure.

photo (1)The picture above is supposedly a screenshot of a conversation between JZ and Barack Obama. Apparently they are big tjommies! He sleeps over at Jakes house often enough that it should be considered when deciding on the upgrades. If you believe the hype, this was the reason the “security” upgrades were considered in the first place. The idea is that when Barack comes to visit, we wouldn’t want Meneer Obama to trip and fall over a criminal, chip a tooth and then sue the South African government, so we need to make sure there are no criminals  in the house for him to trip over.

I have two issues with this. In America, they have 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (The White House), In the UK they have 10 Downing Street, and Buckingham Palace (it doesn’t have an address… Really. It doesn’t.). These are Estates where the important people live. When  Bumbling Bush was voted out, he had to pack all his things into a suitcase and move out, so that Obama could move in. When David Cameron is replaced as Prime Minister of the UK, he too has to vacate 10 Downing Street. Even HEUIR MARGESTAY (that’s how its pronounced isn’t it? In Queens English?) has to hand over the palace to her heir (although its more likely that she pegs rather than hands over the reigns, in which case Chuck would get it anyway). My point is that even my hard earned money is going to be spent upgrading the President’s Residence, then it should be spent just once. When Jeezy is eventually replaced as El Presidenté he will keep Nkandla. Even if they go back and “un-Presidentify” Nkandla, that R260 million will be lost. Then the next President can spend the same to bling out his pad too! I agree that the residence should be up to Presidential standards, but then lets build a state owned Presidential Palace, so that its passed on to the next President. We can make it A presidential Rondavaal or Kraal, or Homestead, or whatever PC term you like (they could even have a South African version of the American Oval Office, it would have to be round though, as that is the traditional shape of the grass houses). The point is that it would be owned by the country, so the money would only need to be spent once! For R260 million, they could buy Malema’s Sandown home (the one with the bomb shelter, that he can no longer afford), and make that into the Presidential home.

Thats only half the problem. The other half of the problem is  what WE all KNEW to be true, that the money wasn’t only spent on security upgrades. City Press revealed today that of the R260 million, just under R500 000 was spent on building Makhumalo’s Tuck Shop (read here). I don’t mean its where she goes and queues with the other wives during first break to buy Simba cheeeps and a Too Leetah for ten bob, I mean its a Tuck Shop which she runs. Yes. You read that correctly. The First Lady of South Africa runs a spaza shop. She runs a spaza shop inside the Presidential Home. How African are we?! Huh?  So when Barack visits, he can buy a soda, some candy, some Omo, and Jik-ama-Jika, from MaKhumalo’s little shop. For half a bar, it must be a fucking hypermarket!

ARE YOU FUCKING JOKING?! The fact that everyone is still sticking to the story that everything was above aboard, that there was no misuse of public funds, yet details like this are slowly creeping out makes it that much worse. Give it up. I know I’m stupid, but don’t make an ass-clown out of me.

The fact that one of my colleagues’s gardener was discharged from a hospital to die at home, because they don’t have the necessary machinery to check what is wrong with him at a government hospital is a big issue. I think the machinery is more important  than a fucking tuck shop. Don’t you think? Doctors and nurses aren’t paid overtime, yet they have to work the additional hours as there are not enough doctors and nurses to fill the schedules, and if they don’t do it, people die. How do you justify spending that much on your PRIVATE residence when your countrymen are dying in ill-equipped hospitals Mr Zuma?

There was an email from former CEO of Gold Fields, Chris Thompson which details the corruption that not only happens with Zuma’s knowledge, but with his CONSENT! (read here). Now I can’t vouch for that particular emails authenticity, but I do believe that you would notice if R260 million was spent on your home, supposedly on security upgrades, and after all the construction there is a Tuck Shop there that wasn’t there before. The President of South Africa has knowledge of where the money is going, and he and his spokespersons are FUCKING LIARS!