The Christian Motherhood Are Wrong… Gaga is in Fact a Humourist!

OHHH MMMMMMY GOOOOOD! Gaga landed at Lanseria airport last night. As I work barely more than a hop, a skip and a jump from there, I thought it might be fun to go and say hello. Although she arrived almost 3 hours later than was originally announced on 5FM, (and I’m not a little monster, so I did not wait) there was a massive crowd of screaming fans. I was surprised by the Über camp guys that were there. I suppose they were born that way…

Anyway, I was keeping an eye out for the Christian Motherhood (or whatever they call themselves), the people who had said they would get the show cancelled. I was expecting them to come and punch Gaga in the nipple, and tell her to climb back on her Devilcraft (also known as airplane) and fly back to Hell (also known as America). Apparently they are going to stop the Lady Gaga performances because she is a devil worshiper, and should you sing along to her songs, you will be worshiping the devil too!

How stupid are these people? Hahaha!
It sounds like a primary school prank: “loserssaywhat!” “What?” “Hahahahaha you are a loser!” Like seriously… I sometimes sing along to songs by girls sung to guys. Does that make me gay? So as the last line of the song is sung, am I expected to reach over and given the closest guy a handy? OF COURSE IT FUCKING DOESN’T! WOW some people are stupid!

I know a Christian. He is this awesome Spanish dude, and sometimes we affectionately call him Chris. I asked Chris if he hated Lady Gaga. Apparently not all Christian’s are of the same opinion as he is in fact a big fan. So not all Christians are stupid, just the ones who want to stop the concert.

When asked, Lady Gaga said she is devout Catholic. So you see, she can’t worship the devil, as that is not very Catholistic… (is that a word?)

Then there is a message going around saying that she is part of the Illuminati, and that they control, among other things, our music, education and money throughout the world, the true world leaders. Accordingly, this is some how tied to her being a satanist. The two things are not related Christians. Does that mean that every person who read the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown is a satanist too? Just because Dan Brown said that the Illuminati ordered the Knights Templar’s to steal from the church does not mean that they are the evil spawn of Satan as they claim.

With Gaga on the Illuminati list are Jay-Z (the rapper, not our fearless leader), Eminem, Madonna, Rihanna, Kanye West, Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg, Katy Perry, Bob Dylan, ACDC, The Beatles and Led Zepplin just to name a few. So pretty much any entertainer that has made a fortune then? So because they make popular music, and have lots of fans who sing along to their lyrics, and they have lots of money, they must be Illuminati… Oh gosh! I can’t believe this shit! Hahahahaha

My views on organised religion make it impossible for me to be impartial here. To the ordinary Christians, I am sorry that these stupid people are associated with you. To the stupid Christians, (they are a separate caste of Christians, not to be confused with ordinary God-fearing Christians) I am just going to laugh at your stupidity. And so is Lady Gaga. Together we are Humourists. We believe that your stupidity is funny! Any other Humourists out there?

Edit: With the comments below, I had another look and realised I may have been too hard on the normal Christians in the original version of this post. The point of the post was not to pick on the Christians  but rather the stupid people hiding behind their religion. To this point I have revised the post so as to highlight my point about stupid people, rather than ogre-ise Christians generally…