Am I F#ck!ng Stupid? Did I Miss Something?

What happened? When did South Africa lose its collective mind? Is it only me that didn’t get the memo? AM I STUPID?

To straighten things out here, please correct me if I’m wrong.

  • All employees have the right to go on strike.
  • In order to be a protected strike, the strikers have to comply to 3 requirements of the Labour Relations Act. This includes referring the matter to the CCMA first, reffering the matter to the respective trade union, and giving your employer notice of intent to go on strike.
  • Only if these criteria (as well as others I’m sure) are met, can the strike be considered protected.
  • Should these requirements not be met, the strike is deemed unprotected, and the worker may then be fired.
  • The mine workers strikes were unprotected.

Am I right?

Ok, so now that we have cleared that up, why is COSATU saying that the trade unions are upset with the dismissal of striking mine workers? (read here). I think the fact that most of the mining companies tried so hard to come to a fair conclusion with the striking workers should be something to be commended.

Up until the point where COSATU’s spokesperson Norman Mampane opened his mouth, I was kind of siding with the workers. My thinking was there are mine bosses with mansions and a different colour  Ferrari for each day of the week. If they have to halve their annual bonus for the workers to be able to afford a better life, then I’m OK with that.

But now COSATU is saying that those dismissed for not returning to work after being ordered to do so, once the whole process fell apart, actually deserve their jobs. Where is the logic in that? That’s like taking a stick and beating a dog with it, until the dog gets angry and bights you, then you saying the dog needs to be put down because its vicious.


Apparently COSATU is going to organise a strike to protest the fact that workers on strike were fired. Isn’t this tempting fate? Didn’t I already discuss this in a previous blog? (read here). Is there someone in a dark room, whose torch has run out of batteries, and is now finding furniture with his shin, and therefore having a kak day, now making the decsions at the COSATU HQ?

Stephen Grootes penned a fantastic article stating a solution to the unemployment problem in South Africa is simply to fire those that don’t work, in order to replace them with someone more capable or willing to do the required work. By making the process of firing someone difficult, the Unions and the CCMA are actually making the unemployment problem worse. He suggested that starving people aren’t looking for “good” work, but rather ANY work. He wrote this almost 2 years ago, so its not a bight from an angry dog after a beating, its actual sense. You HAVE to read the whole article, it will really make you rethink the way South Africa should hire and fire its workers (CLICK HERE! NOW).

When COSATU is acting like this, its like the SA government having a suicidal guide dog, that walks into traffic every time it feels a little depressed. How can the trade unions go on strike in protest of people being legally fired for going on an unprotected strike? It makes absolutely no sense. Its plain fucking stupid!

Or did I miss something?