I Should Explain…

Some of my blog posts are rants more than ramblings.
Hidden inside of me is a satirical political sniper. I like the idea of being able to cut someone down to size with a well aimed low blow. I do this in posts that I  like to call Bhibhiza’s.
(Mentioned here and here)

According to Ndumiso Ngcobo, in his book Some Of My Best Friends Are White, he describes a bhibiza as:
“a specific word for using the back of the hand to slap someone, specifically on the lips. Not just anywhere on the face. You can’t bhibiza anyone in the eye. And you can’t just sommer bhibiza anyone willy-nilly. You bhibiza someone when they are busy back-chatting to you — preferably in mid- sentence. Timing is of the essence.”

My aim is not to offend, but to make you laugh and make you think. For the few minutes after reading something here (those few minutes before you forget about it), the world should be a better place for you. You should laugh, and feel that a small amount of justice has been served.

I decided a while ago, that there are certain people in South Africa’s limelight that deserve a bhibiza. Unfortunately, I think the only person old enough and wise enough to deliver them is Tate Mandela. But there are two problems, firstly he is Xhosa, and I don’t know if they have bhibiza’s in their culture, and secondly he is getting a little old and frail, and I fear that his back hand just isn’t strong enough anymore, and because of this, people are no longer scared that he might just deliver one to them, halfway through there temper tantrums.

So, Madiba, these bhibhizas are for you…