Monthly Archive: February, 2012

Jukskei-ing: The dying game

Can you believe the sport of Jukskei is dying out in South Africa? This is appalling! According to the JSA (Jukskei South Africa, website here) there used to be over 30 000 participants… Continue reading

Even I Cause People to Face Palm Sometimes

You know those moments when someone says or does something that causes your shoulders to drop, for you to place your face in your palm, and just shake your head, because you can’t… Continue reading

Elizabeth on Julius

As I have mentioned before, I think my domestic worker, Elizabeth, is secretly a revolutionary. She has never come to work with a babalaas and an ANC t-shirt, but I think she may… Continue reading

I Should Explain…

Some of my blog posts are rants more than ramblings. Hidden inside of me is a satirical political sniper. I like the idea of being able to cut someone down to size with… Continue reading

The Luckiest Man (Barely) Alive!

The DA should be punished. It is all their fault. The Correctional Matters Amendment Act closed the Schabir Shaik medical parole loophole. Before September last year, you (as a convicted criminal) could ask… Continue reading

Elizabeth’s Thought of the Day

I have learnt a lot from my domestic worker, Elizabeth. I would imagine that should she not like ironing so much, she could run this country. She comes up with some pearls of… Continue reading

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