The Home of the Fat Man

Welcome to The Mad Ramblings of a Fat Man. This is my little piece of the internet where I can be me. This is my ethereal front lawn, where the grass is a little overgrown, as I can’t find the lawnmower. Here you will find me sitting in a deck chair, in my underpants, watching the world go by, and giving my thoughts on what I see. You may not always agree, but I’m happy to discuss why. Most of all though, there are 3 rules here: Read. Laugh. Enjoy! (And subscribe so that you don’t miss out).

The Mad Ramblings Blog

Here you will find all of my ramblings, rants and thoughts. I have always found the very serious business of politics and life quite funny, and I like to pick on politicians and others who take themselves way too seriously, or maybe not seriously enough. These posts are not meant to offend, but rather provoke insightful thought, and start discussions about topics that people would often prefer were left under the carpet where they were swept.

The Mad Fat Man’s Bio

Info on me the Mad Fat Man, and what makes me, me, including 9 Flavourful Facts About Me!

Dave the Professional

Info on what I do to bring home the bacon. Those who are looking to hire a writer, or maybe a fat man, will find this page very useful. If I were a salesman, this would be where I would begin my sales pitch. As I have nothing to sell, I sell myself like a high-class escort.